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How long can extensions be worn?

Keratin extensions (when fitted correctly) can remain applied for 3-6 months depending on the client's hair growth. Obviously, it also depends on whether your hair grows back more or less quickly. Extensions with adhesive, on the other hand, can be worn for 5 to 6 months. Even if every 4/6 weeks the double-sided tape needs to be replaced by an expert in the sector.

Where does hair come from?

Di Biase Hair uses only natural Remy Quality hair with intact cuticles coming mainly from India, Mongolia and other Central Asian countries

Is it possible to color extensions?

The hair of the 100% natural Remy Quality extensions has undergone bleaching and re-colouring treatments to achieve all shades of color so as to satisfy the needs of every woman. Dyeing them further could damage their structure and deprive them of shine and brilliance over time. However, if you really can't do without it, you can color them from light to dark, remaining in shades similar to those chosen at the time of application. Because, remember, extensions are more natural with a few tones of difference from the color of your natural hair. Have this job done by an expert for a better result and avoid discoloration.

Is it possible to use heat sources such as hairdryers and styling irons?

Certainly. It is possible to use heat sources such as hairdryers and straighteners to obtain any curl, curly or straight, that you desire because the extensions are 100% natural hair. It is recommended to use Di Biase Hair thermo-protectors which allow you to preserve the cuticles from damage caused by heat over time.

Which products are suitable for caring for extensions?

To care for extensions, the application of the Di Biase Hair professional treatment line is necessary, created specifically for 100% Remy Quality natural extensions which nourishes the hair deeply thanks to the mix of macadamia oil, argan, keratin and hyaluronic acid. Protein-rich products are therefore indicated to fill as much as possible the lack of natural nourishment that comes from the scalp. Common shampoos and conditioners are highly discouraged. Discover the complete line of Di Biase Hair products.

Can I color the roots once the extensions have been applied?

Yes. It is possible to color the roots of the hair even with the extensions applied, although it is advisable to intervene on the color before applying the extensions.

Are the extensions reusable?

Extensions with keratin are not reusable, while those with adhesive are. As for extensions with adhesive, it is advisable to remove the locks, replace the adhesive part and reassemble them on the root.

What lengths are available?

Keratin extensions are available in four hair lengths: 30/35 cm, 40/45 cm, 50/55 cm, 60/65 cm. Adhesive extensions are available in two hair lengths: 40/45 cm, 50 /55 cm.

Can I request locks of longer sizes than those available online?

Only on request, we create keratin extensions measuring 65/70 cm, available in packs of 20 pieces at a cost of €60 for each pack. In this case each strand has a weight of 1.10 grams. Any requests can be sent via e-mail or telephone contact to the contact details available on the site.

How many locks does a package contain?

Keratin extensions are contained in packs of 20 strands. Each strand weighs 0.8 grams. The extensions with adhesive are contained in packs of 10 strands. Each strand is 4 cm wide and weighs 2.3 grams.

How many replacement stickers are in a pack?

Each pack contains 20 pieces of ready-made double-sided tape 4 cm wide. In our shop it is also possible to purchase a 560 cm roll which can be shaped according to specific needs.

How many locks are needed for complete lengthening and thickening?

As for keratin extensions, 100 to 200 strands are needed depending on the hair and the result you want to achieve. For a light head, you need 80 strands (4 packs). For an average head, you need 140 strands (7 packs). For a full head, you need 180 strands (9 packs). For thickening, 60 to 80 locks are needed to be distributed posteriorly and laterally. As regards extensions with adhesive, 40 strands (20 double applications, 4 packs) are needed for a light head, 50 strands (25 double applications, 5 packs) for a medium head and 60 strands (30 double applications) for a thick head , 6 packs). As for clip-in extensions, you need at least 3 extension bands, which is why we recommend the DIY Set .

Can I swim in the sea or in the pool with extensions?

Yes, it is possible to do it. However, remember to always protect your hair because chlorine and sea salt can damage it. After swimming in the sea or in the pool, always rinse your hair with fresh water and use products that protect from the sun's rays. Contact us to order Distri Flu, the treatment against the sun's rays that protects the hair.

Do extensions and remover damage my hair?

Absolutely not. Keratin and biadhesive are totally hypoallergenic. The important thing is to apply the locks correctly to avoid traction problems. Furthermore, it is recommended to carry out periodic checks in the salon. The remover is an extremely delicate product that does not damage hair and extensions.

Can I style and tie my hair when wearing extensions?

Certain. It is possible to use heat sources such as hairdryers and straighteners to obtain any curl, curly or straight, that you desire because the extensions are 100% natural hair. So they can also be tied.

Are extensions annoying?

With correct application it is impossible to feel discomfort in the hair. They don't pull, they are soft and imperceptible to the touch because they integrate perfectly with natural hair. If they cause discomfort, they are not mounted correctly.

Can I sleep with extensions?

Yes. With correct application it is impossible to feel discomfort in the hair. They don't pull, they are soft and imperceptible to the touch because they integrate perfectly with natural hair. If they cause discomfort, they are not mounted correctly.

Can I wash and brush extensions?

Yes. We recommend brushing the extensions several times a day to keep them intact and therefore avoid any knots. Washing with professional products created specifically for extensions is recommended. Washing should be done without turning your head upside down. In our shop you can find a complete line for their care and brushes that do not weaken the hair .

Is it normal to lose locks after application?

After assembly, up to 10% of the total quantity of strands applied may be lost, since not all strands adhere to the scalp in the same way.

Do you notice if I wear extensions?

Absolutely not. The 100% Remy Quality natural extensions by Biase Hair integrate perfectly with real hair. It is possible to maintain your lifestyle and do any type of sport.

Can I use a motorcycle helmet with extensions?

Certain. Di Biase Hair extensions do not change the habits and lifestyles of those who wear them. You can wear the helmet easily without problems. We only recommend making a bun and tucking your hair inside the helmet. Then it is necessary to carry out a usual daily beauty care for the maintenance and care of the extensions.

How long does it take to apply the extension?

The clip-in extensions apply in just 5 minutes. As for keratin extensions, on average they take 2 to 4 hours including cutting and styling. Extensions with adhesive instead take 30 to 60 minutes including cutting and styling. However, it generally depends on the type of work you intend to do and the result you want to achieve.

What can I do with extensions?

It is possible to perform total lengthenings, partial lengthenings at the back of the head or on the sides to create a fashionable cut, give volume, create tufts and fringes, create locks with an ombre effect. In this case it is recommended to use extensions with adhesive because they are invisible and therefore more natural.

How do I apply adhesive extensions?

Extensions with adhesive are easy to apply and do not require any tools to be fixed, because they are ready to be used. All you need to do is remove the protective paper and you're done!

Do the extensions have a guarantee?

Certain. We guarantee the extensions depending on the model for a maximum period of 4 months from purchase, because we are certain of the quality of our materials and our 100% Made in Italy workmanship. The warranty is valid exclusively for correct use and correct maintenance by the purchaser. This is to be able to distinguish defects caused by workmanship (covered by warranty) versus damage caused by incorrect use. In fact, there are many elements that contribute to damaging 100% natural hair extensions: high temperatures, wrong cuts, aggressive products, colouring, bleaching, permanents. Does immersing yourself in sea water or a swimming pool and not rinsing your hair properly immediately after with fresh water or using the brush too close to the locks' anchorages also affect the quality? of the damage. Therefore, Di Biase Hair reserves the right to inspect and verify the origin of the damage before activating the warranty on the product.

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Can clip-in extensions fall out?

The clip-in extensions are applied with a specially designed system which, with a simple click, ensures a perfect hold even in the most eventful situations, always guaranteeing total respect for the hair.

Can I apply extensions myself or do I need a professional?

To apply extensions like a real professional in the sector, a little practice is enough. After learning how to apply them, you will be able to wear them in a few minutes in complete safety. We recommend that you watch our tutorials available on the site for each product category.

How do I choose the right color?

You can view the colors available in the Color ring section of the site, where you will find all the available shades of natural hair, mesh, with ombre and fantasy colors.


Is the ponytail made of natural hair?

The ponytail, available in both the straight and wavy versions, is designed to be reused over time and is therefore made not with natural hair but with PRO HAIR fiber

What lengths are available for the ponytails?

The ponytail has a standard length of 50/55 cm

How can I apply the ponytail?

The ponytail has two different types of application, you can choose the wrap-around one or the clip-in and both can be easily applied in total autonomy

Can I wash and brush my ponytail?

Ponytails can be brushed and washed at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees

Can the ponytail be worked with hair dryer or straightener?

The ponytail is made of PRO HAIR fiber and resists temperatures up to 180 degrees, so it can be subjected to the heat of a hairdryer and straightener

Can I color the ponytail?

Since it has already undergone a treatment to obtain the various colors, further coloring the ponytail could irreparably damage the product

Can I swim in the sea or in the pool with a ponytail?

The ponytail resists both swimming in the sea and in the pool, however we recommend removing it to prevent the water from draining the color.

How long can I reuse the ponytail?

There is no precise time of use. If subjected to frequent use and washing, the toupee will certainly need to be replaced sooner than a ponytail applied more sporadically.

Can I wear a ponytail even if I have little hair?

The ponytail can easily adapt even to a small amount of hair

How do I choose the right color?

You can view the colors available in the Ponytails section of the site, where you will find nine available shades, adaptable to any type of hair and color


Can I return the product if I am not satisfied?

Of course, you can return it within 14 days of purchase. However, Di Biase Hair assures you that all customers who have previously purchased our products are satisfied.

With very severe thinning, can I use extensions?

We suggest contacting an expert in the sector

With severe hair loss, can I use extensions?

No. It is recommended to treat hair loss before applying extensions.

What is Quality Remy hair?

Quality Remy hair is 100% natural hair with cuticles facing the same direction from root to tip, easier to care for and less likely to tangle. All Biase Hair extensions are Quality Remy hair.

What does your hair look like after removing extensions?

After professional removal, natural hair should be washed with shampoo and mask to remove any keratin residue. If you have cared for the extensions according to the directions provided, there will be no damage to your natural hair.

What characteristics do I need to have to be able to wear extensions?

The application of extensions requires the presence of healthy, strong hair with a length of at least 10 cm

Can lengthening be harmful to hair?

Hair extensions are delicate, chemical-free processes. In fact, keratin and adhesive are totally hypoallergenic. Furthermore, Di Biase Hair natural extensions, if mounted correctly, do not cause damage to the hair because they are equipped with systems specifically designed to avoid discomfort, even with prolonged use of the product.